Mental Illness And Depression : How Conditions Beyond A Persons Control?

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ABSTRACT Purpose: As has been quite well known to the field of psychiatry for some time, people who end up in trouble with the law often do so because of severe mental illness. Sometimes this mental illness can take the form of a personality disorder, which at present is considered incurable, or it can take the form of severe depression, for which there are currently many treatments. This paper aims to shed light as to how conditions beyond a persons control, such as mental illnesses like depression or personality disorders can cause these individuals to get into trouble with the law. Methods: Diagnosis and identification of mental conditions that could cause a person to commit crime are examined and contextualized. Genetic causes are examined. Results: Symptoms of mental illness can cause people to get into trouble with the law. It is important for law enforcement personnel to be trained, so that they can properly refer detained individuals for psychiatric treatment. It is also important for research to continue as to the causes of these condition. Conclusions: Mental illness and depression place a burden on society. The causes for and thus the proper treatment of these disorders are needed. Scientific study of the genetic causes behind depression is of utmost importance. This paper will argue that there are significant overlaps between personality disorders such as psychopathy and mental illnesses such as depression, and that this overlap often produces criminal

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