Mental Illness In Prisons

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The history of mental institutions can be tracked back to the 19th century. The maltreatment of people with mental illnesses in prisons inspired the creation of mental institution to treat these individuals. However, in the 20th century budget cuts lead to a decrease in services for the mentally ill. By the 1960’s mental institutions were starting to be completely deinstitutionalized. Now the Department of Corrections holds any inmates who suffer from hundreds of mental illnesses and addictions. Homelessness comes from many factors but, closing insane asylum has increase the number in homeless individuals. ( Mental health is defined as “a state …show more content…

Untreated, they can result in a greatly lowered ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life. Mental illness can affect individuals of any age – children, adolescents, adults, and elders. Mental illness can occur in any family. Mental illnesses are more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease. While we do not know the causes of these brain disorders, we do know that people can recover and live successful lives. ( Stigma erodes confidence that mental disorders are real, treatable health conditions. We have allowed stigma and a now unwarranted sense of hopelessness to erect attitudinal, structural and financial barriers to effective treatment and recovery. It is time to take these barriers …show more content…

In Massachusetts Reverend Louis Dwight created the Boston Prison Discipline society in 1825. This society was created to provide better prisons, jails and mental hospitals. The society later took the lead in having the mentally ill moved to Mass General Hospital. 1811 was when the first Mental Institution in New England was founded as part of Mass General Hospital. This hospital later became Mclean Hospital. McLean Hospital was known as the first “Asylum for the Insane” In 1888 McLean began to establish basic and clinical laboratories to study the biological factors in mental illnesses. This was one of the first research units in a psychiatric hospital in America. McLean hospital was the first of many research facilities when it came to mental illnesses such as, schizophrenia then alcohol and drug abuse. (A History of Mental Institutions in the United States , n.d.; A History of Mental Institutions in the United States ,

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