Mental Illness In Schools Essay

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How Mental Health Disorders Affect Social Inclusion of Peers in School Students in the classroom come from a variety of backgrounds. Their lives are shaped by their families, their communities, but also their peers in school whom they will spend hours a day with throughout their educational career. The ability to form relationships with others, to create lasting friendships that grow and evolve with time, is detrimental to all children and their development. Lacking the ability to do so, whether it is directly because of their conditions or because of how other students perceive them, can dramatically harm them emotionally and mentally. The purpose of this report is to examine how mental health disorders affect a student’s social interactions with their peers, namely how it limits such interactions and how this…show more content…
This increase in understanding in the class room and overall school system can be achieved through the implementation of several programs created that target students as well as programs for instructors as well as adding informational posters throughout the school (Weisman et al., 2016, p. 710). Programs aimed at the instructors usually follow the action plan “ALGEE” an acronym that means “assess the risk of suicide or harm; listen non-judgmentally; give reassurance and information; encourage appropriate professional help; encourage self-help strategies” (Jorm, Kitchener, Sawyer, Scales, & Cvetkovski, 2010, p.1). Being able to follow these steps not only has the potential to recognize struggling students and identify when stigmatizing activities are occurring, but makes the teacher someone whom they know they can turn to even if they have been excluded and isolated from their
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