Mental Illness Is Nothing But Brain Illness

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One of the most important cause of mental illness is our environment. Several environmental components can increase our chances of getting a mental illness. Factors like feeling low in self esteem or anxiety, living in poverty, death or divorce in the family, social or cultural expectations can deeply affect or shape our risks of getting a mental illness. In the article “mental illness is nothing but brain illness”, Ian Gold mentions about this unique disease called schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a “psychiatric brain disease par excellence.. marked by hallucination and delusions.” He explains how the risk of developing this disease can increase when a person experiences “childhood adversity like abuse and bullying”. I agree because this can cause people to have low esteem and they might not be able to stand up for themselves and will feel people are abusing even when are not. Similarly, in an academic journal (2012) written by Luhrmann, he argues how this mental illness like schizophrenia can be effected by low self esteem. Luhrmann argues that your chances of developing schizophrenia increases if you are dark skin, which will negatively impact their self-esteem. He also claims that your risk also increases if you are “beaten, taunted, bullied, sexually abused or neglected as a child”. All these reasons will negatively impact the person self esteem and cause anxiety. This article also supports that living in poverty or being born poor can also increase the chances of

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