Mercantilism Symbolism

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During 1509-1564, John Calvin established the idea of predestination, which says God is omnipotent and has predestined the lives of people by sending most sinful people to hell and saving other to show his power and grace. Predestination elected people who are known as “godly” because of their true conversion experience. Calvin also believed that a good Christian understands he/she cannot affect the outcome. Puritans demanded purification of the New England church and that salvation can be attained by predestination. During the Great Puritan migration 1630-1640, many Puritans moved onto the North America because James I was against Puritans religious beliefs. In 1620 and 1750, Puritanism and Great Awakening boosted the economy, education, and religion in the colonial North America.
The intense effect of Puritans in North America is by developing the economy using Mercantilism and triangular trade. Mercantilism took place during 1660 and 1750 and played a crucial role in the development of Colonial North America. Mercantilism refers to the policies that guarantee the prosperity of the nation by eliminating the dependence on foreign supplies, damaging foreign competitors commercial interests, and increasing their net stock of gold and silver by trading more abroad than buying. Many planters in the Colonial America made their own sugar refineries and made molasses instead of shipping their raw sugar to refineries in France. The colonies especially Massachusetts sold much of

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