Merced Community Benefit Analysis

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Even though the price of native plants and trees are more expensive than usual, there are many existing companies that support people to plant the native plants and trees such as giving away the grant and seed for the volunteer. As a Merced resident, I found out the solution to achieve the native plants and trees by applying for the volunteer in order to grant money and seeds from other private supporters. Since those supporters offer everything for people to do so, why don’t people accept those offers? With that in mind, since the native plants and trees are highly expensive than usual, the support from free grants and seeds could be the solution for Merced people to restoring the native plants and trees in order to create a healthier environment. In September 2016, the State of California had allocated $1.2 billion …show more content…

At first, I was wondering what does it actually mean. The description is explaining the government offers grants to gardening projects, which can be beneficial to the community. In other words, the government is giving away the money to gardening the society where we live. Because planting is always bifacial to the environment. In fact, the government hands out $10 billion subsidies per month, which has many unclaimed subsidies which most people may qualify. Throughout the application, the volunteer must illustrate that his or her proposal will benefit the community, such as planting the native plants, then you have a chance to receive a free grant. Since it is a grant, you don’t have to payback, all is yours. However, the grant system from the government is operated by the (USDA), which has several opportunities including the garden grant which I am mentioning, but has more clearly explanation of how to qualify. Nevertheless, they have several opportunities as a result of several qualifications either, it’s depending on which one the volunteer wants to do

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