The General Problem Of Southern California

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Introduction As a consequence of the ongoing California drought, cities across the state have been forced to pull water from alternate sources aside from their own. Shortages of rain and snowfall have prompted the people of California to extract water from reservoirs and basins that are getting increasingly close to running dry. Unfortunately, this issue is especially prevalent in Southern California where the population is quickly out growing the area’s fresh water supply. The general problem is that Southern California is lacking the fresh water supply necessary to sustain its inhabitants. The specific problem is that the Southern half of the state is not located near a secondary source of fresh water, unlike the northern part of the…show more content…
The water users of California have been asked to cut back water use whenever possible. This means shorter showers, drought resistant landscape, and low flow options for faucets and sprinklers. Farmer’s alike have been spotlighted to cut back on water use for it is calculated that they consume 80% of the state’s developed water supply (pacisnt). Although cutting back is a way to help conserve what is available, it is imperative that a new supply of fresh water be found before California overdrafts itself to no supply at all.
“Drought can best be thought of as a condition of water shortage for a particular user in a particular location” (DWR). Although droughts seem to come unexpectedly they actually form over a long period of time with most of their effects being felt by those dependent on annual rainfall. The Department of Water Resources explains that water reservoirs and groundwater basins are buffers for drought impacts and the drought will not be considered over until these storages have been fully replenished. In the past, California’s “significant multi-year droughts have been ended by an above-average water year where statewide precipitation was in the range of 150 percent average.” (DWR) Recently, California has experienced several consecutive years where rainfall and snowfall were well below average. This problem is important because the lack of precipitation means the state is compelled to
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