Merchant Of Venice Character Analysis

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Throughout William Shakespeare’s works he has demonstrated a variety of characters that are ostracized for being different. In particular, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice showcases Shylock, a Jewish merchant, as being the outsider to a group of Christians. Religion is obviously a very significant aspect of this play as it references many biblical figures and stories. As well as the titles of Christian and Jew that are repeated constantly throughout the play. For example, Shylock is constantly referred to as “Jew” throughout the play. This title is used to constantly remind him of his true standing in a Christian society. The divide between these two groups is so deep that both Shylock and Antonio refer to themselves as their understood stereotypes. The constant social battle between these two groups is also one of the biggest forces that drives this play. Shakespeare created a complex and possibly misunderstood character through Shylock, because of his religion, values, and constant demand for law. There are many different aspects that set Shylock apart from the rest of society. The biggest being that Shylock is Jewish, while all of the other characters are Christian. Along with the title of Jew is all of the stereotypes that follow it. Shylock is known to be very money hungry, in addition to being rather harsh and strict. In Act 1, Scene 3 Bassanio is seen asking Shylock of a loan of money, with the accompaniment of Antonio to ensure that the debt will be repaid.
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