Mesopotamia Facts

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Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers, was one of the world's first civilizations. The most memorable facts about Mesopotamia include that Sumer was the first Mesopotamian civilization where the first written language,Cuneiform, and Hammurabi's Code, first code of law to be documented, were established. I recently studied this civilization in another course, so facts such as the civilization being known as the Fertile Crescent because of its geographical advantage and that many Mesopotamian civilizations were polytheistic were already part of my knowledge. I didn't, however, know that Hebrews, the first monotheists, originated near Sumer. I am curious to research about Hebrews and find out how long it was until other monotheists emerged.…show more content…
An already known fact about the Egyptian civilization that was their elaborate burials. They were very architecturally advanced and constructed the pyramids and other complex tombs for the Pharos. The final ancient civilization I read about was the Indus River Valley civilization. This included ancient India, China, and the Americas. India was developed during the Bronze Age and was very advanced because their cities were planned out in a grid format and even had plumbing systems. Their social order is what surprised me the most because there was a group outside of the order, the untouchables, you couldn't move up a class until the next life, and the ultimate goal was nirvana, the union of Atman with Brahman. China established cultural diffusion with the initiation of the Silk Road . I also studied this civilization in a previous course and learned about the dynastic cycle and how dynasties can be overthrown because of the Mandate of Heaven. I lastly discovered that Olmecs in the Americas contributed to society by creating a calendar, building great pieces of architecture, and passing on their traditions to future generations to
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