Mesopotamian Civilization Paragraph

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Paragraph 1- Intro/Thesis :

We all wonder at least once in our life where certain thing or ideas come from like who had the idea for farming, government, and other things. Well if you really wanna know then you’ll have to go way back in time to when some of the first civilizations were formed. Some of the once particular that will be featured in this essay will be the Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Indus River Valley civilizations. These civilizations did so much that has helped influence civilization, society, and the world to develop, evolve, and progress overtime. Although these civilizations were formed approximately 5000 years ago they provided us with some of the most innovative creations of all time such as architecture, irrigation, agriculture, government, laws, religion, vehicles, and blacksmithing ( Doc 12 ). And if you think that’s something then your mind is will be blown at the end of this.

Paragraph 2- Mesopotamia :

The first civilization that will highlighted is the Mesopotamian civilization. This civilization Was actually one of the very first major civilizations to thrive and succeed during its time. Not only was this group of people considered a powerhouse empire but it is actually responsible for some of the most important things we used today. Over 5000 years ago they came up with the world’s first written language called cuneiform in order for doing different tasks such as record keeping,

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