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My desire is to attend Messiah College so that I may follow my academic passion while glorifying God. Initially, learning a second language was merely a requirement. However hearing Mandarin Chinese for the first time, I reveled in the melodic sound of the language and began to embrace the culture of the country. I began studying Mandarin Chinese in the eighth grade. The following year, I was blessed with the opportunity to take an Intensive Mandarin Chinese class from Howard Community College during my summer break. There I learned how to perform Taiji, paint bamboo, and write Chinese calligraphy with a brush. Of all of these intriguing activities, Taiji was my favorite. Taiji was not only therapeutic for me, but it was also exercise. I enjoyed the routine so much that I eventually memorized the routine and led the class in the graduation performance. …show more content…

I intend to continue learning Mandarin Chinese at Messiah College. Utilizing the multifaceted Chinese program at Messiah College I will have the opportunity to study Chinese art, history, and business. I will also have the opportunity to converse with native Chinese speakers. This exposure will aid me in becoming more familiar with how words are pronounced and communicate with the 1.3 billion people living in China. At Messiah, I will have the ability to study abroad in China for a semester. Studying in China would be a significant blessing because I will have the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture and the language of China first

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