Metaheuristic Algorithm Essay

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population based or metaheuristic algorithm. It used the successful characteristicsof bees in different section such as are employed, onlooker and scout bees. The number of employed bees or the onlooker bees is equal to the number of solutions inthe swarm. The employed, onlooker bees used for exploitation process for a given problem towards best solution space given in equation (3). While scout bees use forexploration process through the following strategy as given in equation (4). 〖 V〗_ij=x_ij+θ_ij (x_ij-x_kj ) (3)Where vij is a new solution in the neighbourhood of xij for the employed bees, k isa solution in the neighbourhood of i, Φ is a random number in the range [-1, 1]. 〖 x 〗_ij^rand=〖x …show more content…

The value of C can balance theexploitation ability through different numeric values. The global best employed andglobal best onlooker bees used equation (5) for finding best solution. 3.2 Quick Artificial Bee Colony (QABC) algorithmQuick Artificial Bee Colony (QABC) algorithm is the improved approach of typical ABC was proposed by Dervish Karaboga for solving numerical optimization problems [18]. The QABC algorithm is metaheuristic technique which simulates the gbest intelligent foraging behavior of artificial honey bees. In standard ABC, employed bees used to exploits the best food source and onlooker selects a food source region depending on the acting of the employed bees. Unfortunately, both bees use the same way as mentioned in equation (1) for determining a new neighbor best food source way. By using the same ways of exploiting, typical ABC cannot reach to an optimal solution for the desired complex problem. Therefore, Karaboga used a new parameter for modifying onlookers bees approach based upon the following modification as given in equation (6), (6)Where XbestN represents the best solution among the neighbors of xm and itself (Nm). Using equation (6) instead of equation (1) has improved the convergence performance of the standard ABC for the numerical optimization problem. 4. Quick Gbest Guided Artificial Bee Colony (QGGABC) algorithmThe typical ABC is an efficient

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