Metasploit : An Advanced Open Source Software Platform

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(#1) Metasploit Metasploit took control of the computer world in 2004, after its original release. Metasploit is an advanced open-source software platform used for testing and exploiting computer networks and the resources connected to them. Not only is the open-source code used for penetrating and hacking, because of its advanced features, it is also used extensively for research purposes. Out of the box, figuratively speaking, Metasploit organically comes with hundreds of exploits loaded and ready for use. Many pentesters and hackers alike thoroughly enjoy and prefer Metasploits framework over doing the hard job of either developing or researching exploits on their own. Additionally, Metasploit comes loaded with its own exploitable software platform known as Metasploitable. Metasploitable was intentionally developed to cater to the hackers malicious mindset, and employs an intentionally insecure Linux based environment within Metasploit. The purpose of this intentionally vulnerable platform is to execute Metasploit exploits against it. Metasploitable alleviates the need to release live exploitation tools against real network servers and infrastructures. Metasploit was originally free however, it has become so popular that after it was sold to Rapid7 in 2009, an advanced for purchase version was launched. The basic version remains free however, there are more advanced features available with the paid version which will run approximately $5,000/yr. Many
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