Comparing Two Network Security Software Tools

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In this coursework, the main aim is to compare two network security software tools using Kali Linux to carry out a type of attack which helps build and develop an awareness to protect computers from varies password attacks.

The chosen software tools are offline password attack (John the Ripper) and (RainbowCrack) which they both are from similar Cyber Security attacks under password cracking tools. John the Ripper is free on multi-platform as it combines various password cracking features in one package. RainbowCrack uses rainbow crack tables that are updated periodically. After calculations, the results are stored, which were obtained in the tables is called a rainbow table. The process of creating rainbow tables takes very long time, but when the program works it’s done very fast.

Any hackers will attempt to violate this three element of security (CIA) Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability:

Confidentiality is to prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorised persons to look at it.

Integrity: is to make sure that the content of the information has not been properly adjusted or tampered with.

Availability: The goal of any information system to serve its purpose which is to make sure that the information is available when you require them.

Description of the cyber security attack

What is a Password Attack?

It is the term to describe the attacks targeting their results or position, let’s say the denial of service
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