Method Acting

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The Magic Touch of the Method Actor Method acting allows actors to go beyond the conventional and practical way to act and make the work more human, more alive, more exciting, more amusing, and more entertaining. According to its critics, Method acting counteracts the original form of acting because the actor concentrates more on himself rather than the development of the character. Despite this claim, Method acting continues to be the key technique actors use to create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop convincing performances. Evoked by Constantin Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre in the early 20th century, Method acting quickly spread on to the stage and screen at the end of the 40s and early 50s and has reconstructed what is required of the actor. …show more content…

The first appearance of Stanislavski's new company followed many unsuccessful previous groups that “performed a series of ephemeral farces, melodramas, and operettas” (Hirsch 22). He hated the “theatre in the theatre” and wanted “truthful, real life, not mundane life, but artistic life” (Hirsch 19). “Stanislavski wanted a stage where his audience would be so involved forgetting they were an audience, and they would believe they were there at the time and place the play was set” (Hirsch, and Bell 6). With this, Stanislavsky created an ideal system where actors practiced techniques that would later be proven to be effective on stage and screen. Stanislavski's based his entire system heavily on Anton Chekhov’s work ("Constantin Stanislavsky” 4). Stanislavsky realized he was in love with acting that had no laws, which caused him to create what was first known as the “Stanislavsky system”; Now known as “the Method.” Stanislavsky focused on creating the character from the outer to the inner, meaning from the body to the soul of the character, in order to help him develop the character (Van Heerden

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