Methods of Evaluation and Critical Thinking

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The overall activity was very interesting in regards to my personal methods of evaluation and critical thinking. Each image was unique as I often applied my own personal knowledge and experience the overall interpretation of the picture. To begin, as I viewed the first picture, I scanned it for familiar objects or activities. For instance, the first image showed a boat, a woman, and a horse. Through this observation, I determined that the women were working extremely hard in a particular profession, such as farming. From the first initial picture, it seemed as though the women was having an unpleasant experience as she was working in the mountains. The overall color of the picture also affected my overall interpretation. For instance, the black and white coloring seemed to indicate a mood of despair or monotony. In addition, the vague background seemed to focus the observer's attention on both the woman and the horse as she worked, seemingly, in a tireless fashion. Once more clarity was provided in the second picture, I could easy interpret the overall image. The ships in the background for instance, provided additional possibilities in regards to the overall context of the picture. For example, the women could have been a settler picking up supplies. The once gloomy observation from the first picture has now been replaced with a more optimistic tone and observation. After viewing the higher quality image, my views of the first image subsequently changed
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