Meursault Reflection

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Meursault experiences the world as it happens around him, he cares not to look towards the future nor does he lament the past. Meursault lives in the present, however, he does not see the present as most do. Instead of having strong emotions and feelings Meursault looks at the present through cold logic and does not attach feelings to anything or anyone. Meursault even goes as far as killing someone yet feeling no remorse for doing so, he views his own arrest and trial as more of an inconvenience than anything. In the quite loneliness of his cell, Meursault changed. Instead of not caring about his past or future, instead of not attaching feelings towards his experiences, Meursault starts to care. In part 1 of the novel Meursault does not care about look towards the future while also not looking back at the past. Instead Meursault focuses on the present yet even then he does not attach emotions to what happens to him in the present. At the funeral after his mom dies Meursault does not cry, he does not want to see her in the casket, he really doesn’t seem to care that his mother is dead. These lack of feelings describe Meursault’s mentality throughout most of the first part of this book. Despite the fact that Meursault is presented as absurd he seems to find some meaning or feeling when he is with Marie. “…[Marie] asked me if I loved her. I told her it didn't mean anything but that I didn't think so. She looked sad.” (Meursault,35) Although Meursault says he does not love
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