Mexican American Culture : In The Shoes Of My Mexican Culture

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In The Shoes Of My Mexican Culture

Culture is very important in a person's life, and even if you think that you are not that involved in your culture you are most likely wrong. The reason being that if you are Mexican, Hmong, Indian, African American, or even White, you may come home to a meal and, that meal may represent your culture. It may be tacos, rice, curry, ribs, corn, or who knows you might even come home to a cup of coffee from Star Bucks. My point is, You may not think that you are contributing to your culture, and that is okay but in a way you are contributing to your culture in many ways. Do you think that if no one thought that they contributed to their culture, that their culture would be different in a way?
To begin, the way a person looks does not differ from who they identify as. I can interrelate with that situation because, when I was younger I used to be a bit pale and everyone would confuse me with being white. When everyone would confuse me about being white I would immediately get mad sometimes and respond in a high-toned voice saying that I am Mexican-American not white. Some people assume things without actually knowing the truth, They might hear rumors about you and they start assuming things about your, ethnicity or even your age, skin tone , and right off the bat get an idea that is false.
For this reason, i have my own goals and different perspectives of things, I have the right to be able to decide if I'd like to go to college, med

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