Mexican Americans And Puerto Ricans Have Been Faced With

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Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans have been faced with many social injustices in the past; these include police brutality, racism, discrimination, poor housing condition and many more. After a time they grew tired and decided to take action against these injustices. This led many of them to became part of a social movements, fighting for a change which were successful . A few of these movements included the Chicano Movement which involved Mexican Americans; they use boycotting, and their manifesto, El Plan De Aztlan to fight against social injustice and also to fight for nationalism and self-determination. It was said to be one of the most successful movement. Another was the Young Lord’s Movement which was mainly Puerto Ricans but also …show more content…

The first step the Young Lords took was cleaning the street of the Puerto Ricans neighborhoods which had not been swept in weeks. After cleaning the streets the sanitation workers refused to take up the bags that contained the trash from the street. This prompted the Young lords to blocked the roads with the trash and also branching out and blocking other areas. This prevented the buses from moving which led to the city money for no one could take the bus.
These two scenes from the Chicano movement and the Young lord’s movement were similar in the sense that they use the strategy of prevent business owner and the city from making money. The Chicanos went about this by boycotting, and also getting other people in different states and around the world to not purchase Victoria grapes. The Young Lords on the other hand blocked the streets, because of this bus companies could not make money since the people could not take the bus. Both groups knew that money is the paramount of America, so in order to get what they wanted which was an end to the social unfairness. They had to come up with political strategies that would prevent business owner and the city to lose money,once they kept on losing money, they would see that something had to be done. The difference revolved around what they were fighting against during the specific scene. During the scene in Cesar Chavez’s film, the Mexican Americans were fighting against the low wages workers were earning and also the

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