Mexican Americans In California

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Mexicans have been in California before California was even a state, yet they have not always been treated well. However, they continue to come to the United States, so they can hopefully have a better life in the United States. Currently, lots of Mexican immigrants come to California, often to work in the fields and farms. As the bottom of California lines the border between the United States and Mexico, many come to live in Southern California, not Northern California. Latinos are especially prominent in Los Angeles and many of the cities under LA County. Attitudes towards Chicanos have mostly changed for the better over the years, but they are still often considered as “job stealers” and less valuable than other minorities, such as Asian Americans. Even though Latinos help power the economy and are capable of changing election results, some people refuse to see this and see them as invading immigrants. Mexican Americans often have lesser jobs compared to their white counterparts, do worse in school, often live in poverty, and are more likely to be discriminated against.
The history of Mexicans in Los Angeles is a long one. The city itself was founded in 1781, by Spaniards and mixed race Latinos. As time went on, Latinos faced more and more discrimination. Certain events stand out in California’s Latino history. In the forties, Caucasian sailors would beat up Latinos who wore “Zoot Suits”, or baggy clothes, and the police let the Caucasians do it with no consequences.

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