Mexican Drug Cartels

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Mexican Drug Syndicates Week Four Assignment – Research Paper Instructor: 12/20/2015 Table of Contents 1. Cover Page------------------------------------------------------- 2. Table of Contents----------------------------------------------- 3. Abstract----------------------------------------------------------- 4-10. Body-------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Tables & Graphs-------------------------------------------------- 9. References---------------------------------------------------------- Abstract All over the southwest U.S there have been drug cartels which smuggle drugs and weapons from country to country illegally. More recently …show more content…

When the government stepped in and started to enforce the active drug laws the violence increasing and dramatically increased. The cartels were not willing to lose all there profits due to the government. Another external cause for many of the prblems was the demand for these drugs and weapons. Mexican drug cartel leaders and their cartels are only responding to what people want and supply them with that. Many studies and statistics show the extent of drug use and demand in recent years. This is a very scary thing happening not only for Mexico but for the U.S. Other statistic figures therefore show that in 2003 77% of the cocaine that was either consumed or confiscated in the United States was manafactued in Mexico. But in 2005 that number rose to 92%. The failure falls on the United States counter drug teams and policies, for not stepping in and figuringing out a solution. The drug cartels are become bigger and recruitng more people to meet the trafficking operations along with their means of production. Almost every aspect of mexcios economy has fluttered except for the drug trade which has always been a booming buisness. That is why so many people chose to asossciate in this indusrty to support there families. Another example of how these problems are not caused by Mexico is a case by the name of the Colombian Case. In the

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