Modern Drug and Crime Mexico Finals Essay

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Crime and Drug Cartels in Mexico- Crime in Mexico is one of the most urgent and serious concerns facing Mexico today. Crime statistics in Mexico show that even over the years, the crime rate has decreased. Over the last 100 years or more there has still been a huge upswing in drug related crimes, especially within the last few decades (Tuckman). Crimes as of today are not all reported, so the rates may be higher than statistics indicate. The government is not able to catch all of these drug and violent crimes going on throughout the country. The vast majority of these crimes are due to assault and theft. Mexico is known as the “gateway” for illicit goods and all things illegal; many criminals take that to the extreme advantage. Many …show more content…

By 1960 in Mexico, drugs such as Marijuana and Heroin were being produced and used throughout the country (Insight Crime). Moreover, these drugs were used and produced in Sinaloa state mostly along the western coast (Insight Crime). These drugs were then smuggled into the United States ending up in the Southwest regions. In the 1980’s, Mexico was under the leadership of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. During this time when Mexico was under his leadership, the drug cartel flourished (Insight Crime). Many years later it seems there were slight tensions between the United States and Mexico. The United States pressured Mexico to become more responsive to criminal activity. After the political pressure the US was putting on Mexico, some of the drug traffickers left and fled the country. Over the following years several Mexican leaders were arrested, and detained in different states inside of Mexico. In 1989, Mexican authorities caught Miguel,who was the leader of the Guadalajara cartel (Insight Crime). During the late 1980’s, there were three groups of drug cartels. The three groups were the Tijuana based clan, the Juarez clan, and the Sinolea based clan (Insight Crime). Since the year of 2002 the mexican government has been trying to prevent these crimes the best they can. The government has arrested and killed hundreds of drug traffickers and there has also been several anti-criminal

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