Mexican Women in Mexican Revolution

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Richard Falcon wonderfully directs the play "Soladeras", by Ruben Amavizca-Murua, It is stated in the Play Bill that Richard Falcon "is considered an actors' director because he knows how to draw the best out of his talent. Unlike most artists, he has an understanding of what it takes to collaborate and implement programs successfully". For which he profoundly displayed in this production. He and the actresses do an impeccable acuratcy in dipicting diversity during the Mexican Revolution. The acting was like a welcoming zepher of wind during any season.
Powerful, yet comforting. Humiliating, yet humbling. I felt as though I were reliving the engagments in each act, and as if I were apart of the political front line, yet, behind the narrarative scenes. The encapsulating, heart renching stories behind each womans history is one that is effervescent, and resounding today in every ethnic culture, and understatedly in tomorrows society. Stories of thirteen year old girls, and wives being raped, tradgedy of husbands dying, never ending struggles for social equality, the felonies of racial disparagies, predudices, and abuse. These women also alternated between provider roles of cook, launderer, companion, housekeeper, child bearer, educator, councilor, and fought for the Revolutionary cause wether via a social voice or, physically in battle, and much much more. Ironically, some of the women were abused by their companions and raped by opossing armies (and these women

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