Mexico Is A Country Full Of Rich Traditions And Cultures

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Mexico is located in North America. It is a country full of rich traditions and cultures. The people are friendly and laid back. They are very professional but are more relaxed when it comes to certain things. They do not live to work but work to live. Businesses run the normal hours that one associates businesses with, with the exception that they are generally closed an hour for lunch. Body language is also somewhat different than what Americans are used to. The normal personal space that one is used to is not common in Mexico. In doing business with a Mexican company you will want to take the time to develop a relationship with them. All in all the process to do business with a Mexican company will be well worth it. Doing Business in Mexico In the 16th century, Mexico was conquered and colonized by Spain ("The World Factbook", n.d.). Mexico did not receive its independence until the 19th century ("The World Factbook", n.d.). Mexico is located in North America and borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico between the United States and Belize. It also borders the North Pacific Ocean, between the United States and Guatemala. Its climate ranges from tropical to desert and its terrain has low coastal plains, mountains, desert and high plateaus ("The World Factbook", n.d.). Mexico has some potential natural disasters that one should be aware of. Because of its close proximity to the ocean it is in the possible path for hurricanes and tsunamis ("The
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