Mgt211 Seminar 2 Case Study

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The Verdict of Group Think 1) In your experience, have you found that decision-making groups tend toward groupthink? If so, what factors contributed to this tendency? If not, what factors helped to prevent it? In my experience, I do think groups tend to groupthink. I remember many times throughout high school being part of groups that commonly became ruled by the more dominant or outspoken student involved. Also I think, especially at that age, decision making may be highly stressful in a group setting for the less outgoing students. Low self-esteem and stress were the major factors for the groupthink these scenarios. As an adult, I also have experienced groupthink when asked to get together with the other 3 ladies in accounting come…show more content…
How might they give your some useful guidance? It is useful guidance because this is an organized process that allows one to organize their knowledge and thoughts in a way to make the best decision possible. What adjustments would you have to make because of the context (a trial) and situation (a group process)? The adjustment that would have to be made is step 4. A juror cannot implement their own personal decision onto the court because it is a group process to implement the final decision. 3) In what ways might bounded rationality affect a juror’s approach to a decision? Bounded rationality is said to effect jurors decision making process, which is limited by experience or lack thereof, time, stress, and even economics. I think life experiences (positive or negative), lack of knowledge, and core beliefs effect decision making for all people. How about satisficing? Satisficing is something the is not asked in jurors and is not productive in the decision making process. In my own words, it is the easy way out. I fear for those on trial with a jury that can be considered satisficing. Intuition? Intuition or an intuitive juror has its downfalls as well. Lawyers may want more critical thinking jurors, however in a case of less physical evidence, but more circumstantial

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