Michael Jordan 's ' The Chicago Bulls '

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Michael Jordan: The G.O.A.T

“The Chicago Bulls pick Michael Jordan from the University of North Carolina, Chapel hill in the 1984 first round draft pick.” After this day, the first round draft pick changed how the game was played. Michael Jordan had a huge impact on the NBA in ways that were unimaginable before Jordan. Michael Jordan came to the NBA with two goals: to break records and win championships. With that vigorous ambition, he was able to reap the title of the greatest basketball player in the world. Shaquille O’Neal once said, “Mike was Mike. He was just special like no one else. He always did things no one else could do, and things you couldn 't compare to anyone else” (Yahoo). Michael Jordan utilized many skills like his natural athleticism and ability to think fast on his feet to become the great basketball player he is today. Before Jordan in the game of basketball, the center was always the most important position on the court. When Michael Jordan came to the NBA, he changed that role. Jordan was known for his explosive handles, outstanding defense, and his ability to hit pressured shots with games on the line. Jordan played the majority of his career in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, as a point guard, averaging about 29 points per game. After his first season, Jordan received the Rookie of The Year award. This award is given to a player that exemplifies extraordinary talent on the court during the kick off of their career. Jordan changed the NBA by adding

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