Michael Merkt Interview Essay

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Imagine going in the past to the Prehistoric times to the land of the dinosaurs. If Michael Merkt could go back in time he would choose the Prehistoric times so, he would be able to see a real live dinosaur. Michael Merkt is 17 and is a junior at Hempfield High School. Michael is in my 5th period english class, he was also in my english class last year.While interviewing Michael i learned many interesting things about his family life, school activities and personality traits and hobbies.
During this interview i discovered Michaels family life is very interesting. I discovered Michael has a sister. Micheals sisters name is Courtney and she's 23 years old. Unfortunately Michael does not get to see his sister very often anymore, but he wishes he could. Also, Michael lives in Greensburg but he did not use to live here. He use to live in Penn Trafford. Then him and his family moved to Latrobe and now he lives in Greensburg. Michal has lived in Greensburg for about 7 years. Michael also loves pets, in fact he has three of his own. All three of his pets are dogs and their names are Murphy, Daisy,. and Khloe. Unfortunately none of Michaels dogs can do any kind of tricks.
Secondly Michael and i talked about his school life and activities. For Middle school he attended Wendover but he moved half way
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Michaels favorite out of school hobbies is riding skateboards and dirt bikes. Michael loves to learn and try new tricks. During the interview i asked Michael if he would be able to go back in time or to the future which would he go. His response was to go back in time to the prehistoric times so he could be able to see a real live dinosaur and even maybe a T-rex. I also asked Michael what his biggest fear is. Michael explained that his biggest fear is to be murdered in a slow torturous way. This is what he said “If I for some reason would be murdered i want it to be fast and
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