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Question 1) With examples give 5 reasons why the study of microeconomics is important.

Microeconomics is a field of economic study that focuses on how an individual 's behaviour and decisions affect the supply and demand for goods and services. For the purpose of microeconomics, the actions of individuals, households and businesses are crucial, unlike the study of macroeconomics, which focuses on national and international economic trends. Despite the differences between the two fields, however, micro-level trends and the study of microeconomics are considered the basis of modern macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is concerned with the big picture, for example, the national economy and gross domestic product. By contrast, microeconomics is
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Ceteris Paribus is a Latin phrase that translates approximately to "holding other things constant" and is usually rendered in English as "all other things being equal". In Economics the term “Ceteris Paribus” is used quite often to assume all other factors to remain the same, while analysing the relationship between any two variables. For example, when discussing the laws of supply and demand, one could say that if demand for a given product outweighs supply, ceteris paribus, prices will rise. Here, the use of "ceteris paribus" is simply saying that as long as all other factors that could affect the outcome such as the existence of a substitute product remain constant, prices will increase in this situation.
One of the disciplines in which ceteris paribus are most widely used is economics, in which they are employed to simplify the formulation and description of economic outcomes and the theoretical relationship of cause and effect. When using ceteris paribus in economics, assume all other variables except those under immediate consideration are held constant. For example, it can be predicted that if the price of beef increases, ceteris paribus, the quantity of beef demanded by buyers will decrease. In this example, the clause is used to operationally describe everything surrounding the relationship between both the price and the quantity demanded of an ordinary good. This operational description intentionally
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