Microscopic Look At Jfk 's Inaugural Address

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Microscopic Look at JFK’s Inaugural Address
The 1960’s was a time when the world was facing the Cold War and America was facing the Civil Rights Movement. On January 20, 1961, at the age of 43, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was sworn into office as the 35th President of the United States. As the youngest president of the United States, Kennedy needed to prove to the American citizens that he was a great leader and that they did the right thing to elect him. (History.com) The night before JFK’s inaugural it snowed so hard that many people found it difficult to attend the inauguration, however more than twenty thousand people were in attendance. (Baergen) During the Inauguration, President Kennedy gave his most famous speech, The Inaugural Address, which evoked a sense of unity into the American citizens and gave them a sense of confidence in their young leader, which was gravely needed at that moment. Kennedy’s prerogative was to be an outstanding leader; and so he was, by addressing social inequality and poverty, stating the need to end the threat of nuclear destruction, and yearning for peace, whilst having a brave and powerful demeanor.
John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address was about fourteen minutes long, making it the one of the shortest inaugural address in history. (History.com) However, it was one of the most powerful, yet influential, speeches. In those fourteen minutes, Kennedy addressed many crucial issues that were important for the new president to discuss at that

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