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Introduction to the Junior Theme

A major goal of AP English III is to teach students to think about contemporary issues, analyze other people’s opinions about those issues, and express their own ideas in ways that are clear and convincing. Last semester’s work on argumentation gave you some of the basic skills for this. Now you need to refine those skills and focus them on a single contemporary issue that interests you.
We’ll use a previous AP essay as a model for your junior theme. Essay 2 on the 2004 exam asked the following question:

Contemporary life is marked by controversy. Choose a controversial local, national, or global issue with which you are familiar. Then, using appropriate evidence, write an essay that
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2 for “special sources,” see me for approval and documentation

3 these will all be part of the “source book” you will turn in with the final paper

Writing requirements

1 Final paper - At least 1200 words (maximum 1,500 words)

2 Outline, introduction, multiple body paragraphs, conclusion, Works Cited page

3 Citations from at least 4 different sources, with parenthetical documentation

Form requirements

1 Cover page

2 Typed in a standard 12-pitch font, black ink, standard margins

3 One-inch margins, double-spaced, printed on one side of the page only

4 Submitted in a folder with pockets and brads

1 In the left pocket: outline and all drafts

2 In the right pocket: the final copy

iii. In the brads, the Source Book (see handout for exact format)

Final copy is due on March 11 (A Day) / March 12 (B Day)

****Due dates are strictly enforced; the paper is due on the assigned date whether you are present or not. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CREDIT!****

Source Book

As part of the research paper project, you are to create a research or source book. Use a folder with brads, since this is what you will use when you turn in your final project. In it you will keep photocopies or print-outs of all sources you use in your paper, including articles, book chapters or pages, Web pages, etc. with all passages used for quotes AND

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