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Mid Term Essay Michael J. Almasy Criminal Justice 211-04 Police Operations July 13, 2010 Kaplan University The development of Law Enforcement originated with the need to protect Humans, and property. Once organized systems were put into place, August Vollmer, the first Town Marshall for Berkeley, and later the Chief of Police and Crimininalist for Berkeley California is credited as being instrumental in many facets of Law Enforcement which are still used today and have been enhanced and improved several times over the past decades. His contribution were immediately implemented and respected by many large departments in the United States. August Vollmer served as Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department, and during…show more content…
The State also has authority, and we have Federal Agencies which is our Federal Government. Overall, citizens view Law Enforcement as protectors, regardless of the Levels of law enforcement. The contrast as seen by the Citizen is that there is none, and that Police Officers are the defenders of Citizens against crimes. The reality is that in law enforcement there is a contrast between the levels of law enforcement. Each level has substantial responsibility to protect citizens of the United States against foreign and domestic criminals and must be able to operate cohesively as one during the times of severe emergencies and when called upon to work together whether it is, for example transporting a fugitive or a catastrophic event such as 9/11. The following are the differences between the levels of law enforcement: Most of the law enforcement activity occurs at the local level, and therefore the local level has most of the authority and responsibility. The Local levels are dealing with the community relations, community policing and has jurisdiction of their cities and counties. The State Law Enforcement Officers primary responsibility is that of traffic enforcement of our state highways, which in California is the CHP, California Highway Patrol. They also have the responsibility to ensure the vehicles that travel our highways are meeting state safety

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