Middle Childhood: Chapter Analysis

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This present chapter explores different aspects of emotional and social development in middle childhood, a crucial stage in human growth and development. The chapter allows me to reflect back to my own childhood memory, I discovered things that happened to me organically that I did not the meaning; this chapter reveals the meaning to me. Also, I found answers to certain attitudes that I have observed from other children in the past. I agree with Erik Erikson’s theory about industrious versus inferiority in regards to physical and cognitive development and challenges that are associated with this particular stage of development. The challenges involve adding new demands to a child’s role usually test whether or not the child is capable to be assigned to such demanding role. I was able to apply this particular concept to a cross-cultural …show more content…

The author pointed out how Chinese people usually lie as a favor when the intense is modest. I agree with the author because certain culture lie about minor things that might make one looks disrespectful. The chapter gives an example of how a Chinese child that does not know how to sing might lie that his or her throat hurts. It does not make sense to me but it happens in my culture too. The moral imperatives lead us to the understanding of individual right among children and how they challenge adult authority, this is different for diverse culture, although; the author did not discuss a diverse culture in respect to this particular subject. Drawings from my experiences from, children in African countries have no right to challenge adult authority, without question, they have to always obey adults. It is a major norm and it symbolizes long life and prosperity for the child, very powerful

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