Middle Class Life : College And The Middle-Class

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College and the Middle-class What is the American dream? The concept of the American dream has been altered throughout time. For most people, the American dream is going to college and landing a comfy job with good benefits. Unfortunately, that is not reality for some who enter college. College is not essential for middle-class living, with technology evolving and more opportunities to showcase talents, the ways to attain a middle-class life are more scattered. Teens are falling into the trap of taking large loans for colleges. Most of the teens entering end up with a big price tag that takes years to pay off. states, that the average college student has a debt of $29,305 in the state of Illinois. This debt can be a burden for most students affecting their credit score. Limiting there power to invest in cars,apartments, and insurance. In addition, some employers see many applicants with bad credit as a risk for there company. Part of growing up is moving out and investing into your own place. When debt limits your ability to do such things it can be rough trying to obtain a middle-class life. There are other paths to a middle-class life.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is at a low of 4.4%, which is due to the fact that many people are entering manufacturing, construction and trades. Most teens coming out of high school are told by parents that these jobs are mere grunt work. So those same

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