Middle Range Theories Are At The Frontier Of Nursing Science Essay

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Middle range theories are at the frontier of nursing science. They emerge and advance at the junction of practice and research in order to direct daily practice and academic research established in the discipline of nursing. The Theory of Symptom Management (SMT) is one of the middle range theories which provide guidance for nurse to understand patient’s symptom with better assessment, to support and treat. The symptoms of disease allow patient to seek health care and eventually treatment. Compliance to treatment is vital in health care system. The nurse who has biopsychosocial view of the symptom assist the patient to deal with the symptoms and this is essential for the treatment compliance. SMT is the foundation a health care professional can use to assist in self care and symptom management in a chronically ill patient. This paper is analyzing SMT using the three steps of evaluation which are substantive foundation, structural integrity, and functional adequacy. These tools are used to expose the quality and weakness of afore mentioned middle range theory for nursing science. Moreover, the evaluation equips the professional with a better understanding of the theory and set the stage to facilitate theory development within the discipline.
Substantive Foundation Substantive foundation is the first step in the frame work of evaluation of SMT. According to Humphreys et al. (2008) University of California and San Francisco (UCSF) developed a model of symptom management

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