Migrant Rights Case Study

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Larkin & Lacey - on topic article In every state across the US, there are state based groups dedicated to advocating for civil, human and migrant rights. Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights is a statewide coalition that brings together a community constituting migrants, local communities and civil, human, labor and religious groups. The organization is at the forefront of supporting just application of immigrant laws and policy along with expanding the individual and communal rights of migrants and their families. The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights also educates the local communities on various issues that affect them such as social change and advanced immigration reform. The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights is proactively working to change the socio-political landscape of immigrants entering Arizona. This is the reason why the organization has also set out to achieve a number of goals targeting migrants and indigenous communities. These include; creating a united voice and plan of action; addressing the needs of local organizations through training and capacity building and acting as a resources for advocating for the rights of indigenous voices and migrants. Members of the public who want to join the organization are free to do so long as they uphold the demanded responsibilities. The responsibilities include agreeing to mission …show more content…

The fund received a boost of $3.75 million settlement money Michael and Jim received following their unlawful arrest by Sheriff Arpaio on October 18, 2007 for disclosing the existence of grand jury proceedings that sought articles from reporters covering the Sheriff. The fund is for supporting for supporting various migrant right organizations and causes within the boundaries of Arizona. One of the resources run by the fund is a websites that highlights emerging news on the immigration, laws and civil

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