Migration Of African Americ Colonial Times Vs Now

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Migration of Africans to America: Colonial Times vs Now America is built on the foundation of immigration and people from different countries coming here to build a nation. People migrating and coming to America dates back to the 1000’s when the Vikings came to Canada or when people crossed the Bering Strait from Asia to America. All people wanting to come to America was voluntary except the Africans. When the Africans first started coming to America, it was involuntary because they had migrated here through the Atlantic Slave Trade. Africans came about to America first because the colonist did not want to use indenture servants anymore. An indenture servant is somebody that came to the New World that worked for a person or family under a contract. The contract stated that a person must work for that person(s) for four to seven years and will provided be with food and shelter. Once the contract is up, the servant gets a piece or an acre of land. The colonists went from indentured servants to slaves because slaves were free and they did not have to pay the slaves. Slaves were forced to work a lifetime instead of the four to seven years. Mostly all of the Africans that came to America came from West Africa. Western Africa was called the “Golden Coast” and the “Grain Coast”. The countries [modern day] that supplied slaves to the Europeans were Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Guinea, Serra Lione, Liberia, Nigeria, and Angola (www.soundjunction.org). The methods used to

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