Migration Of The Americas Were Recalled Through The Narratives And Writing Of Voyagers And Slaves Themselves

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Migration to the Americas were recalled through the narratives and essays of voyagers and slaves themselves. Thomas Philip, a European explorer, and Job, a wrongfully captured slave, discussed their particular but somehow similar perspectives and experiences on their migration to the Americas. In addition to their stories, Allison Games provided insight on the understanding of slavery and how they attempted to preserve their culture in the Americas while forced into slavery. Through the essays of Philip, Job and Games, the reader can understand that African migration was a wearisome experience, in which the slaves endured little control of their lives, lived in diseased environments, followed gender and age structures for labor, and adapted to new cultures and languages in order to survive not only on their trip to the Americas- but for their future there.
Philip and Job’s essays reflected on the treatment of slaves, diseased environments, and adapting to new surroundings. Thomas Philip described the Africans as “…Having a more dreadful apprehension of Barbadoes than we can have of hell,” (49). As he recounted the voyage, the reader gets a glimpse of the torture the Africans dealt with and understand why they would have such a “dreadful apprehension” of the forced trip. Philip stated that they shackled the men two by two and only ate two times a day. Africans were not treated as human, but prisoners, and given an insufficient amount of food to survive the long and tiresome

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