Mild: Do You Believe In Mystic Story?

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Our ghost stories

Mild : Do you believe in mystic story?

Jack : If you say “no” please don’t disrespect even if it haven’t theory to prove it.

Minnie : If you say “yes” I have some story to tell you.

Mild : Let’s start with Minnie!

Minnie : I will tell a story about ghosts in school which each school would have a ghosts story, right?. I don't have met myself but this story had widespread. The last decade, A classroom on the top floor and in the end every morning the housekeeper opened the classroom door at 5 am. One day she will open the door she heard children talking in a room that she open onto a room, but did not perceive anything then she get out a room. She vision through the window and saw the child emerge on the table that she was shocking because a child attribute was headless! Housekeeper went to tell the teacher who administer for the classroom. The next day, student and teacher of the room go to the temple to make merit then never see the child again. This room is the room I was a …show more content…

Some people called superstition. It’s a complex thing. This story began in one day before sport day at my high school. In that day, students dress rehearsal for the stand cheer. It have 5 colors are red, yellow, purple, blue and pink. At that time, I still on my class room, which near a stand cheer. Unexpectedly, I heard scream sound then I opened the door. I saw 10 students on the ground. They did Thai dance and walked around the ground. Some student on the stand cheer convulsed. It not only one student, more 20 students convulsed. Teachers and volunteer carried them to the clinic. I very scared ,goose bump and stressful. Eventually, it have a rumor about event in yesterday. Someone told students convulsed because Red color used concept about a slave and military in King Rama V, but they didn’t respected in their concept.I don’t know it real or not because they don’t have an evidence

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