Personal Narrative About The Johnsons

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My next door neighbours, The Johnsons, were all asleep in their coffins when I climbed the fence to get the ball. My family always had weird suspicions about The Johnsons… well.. all of our neighbors for that matter. We grew up living in a not-so-great section of Philadelphia, and things were always out of the ordinary. We knew all of our surrounding neighbors pretty well except for The Johnsons. They had a dog that would guard their fence 24 hours a day so we never had a chance to go over to their house to say hello. However, one day while we were walking by we noticed the dog was not waiting outside to attack. The day was March 15, 2010 and it was beginning to become warm like spring outside. My friend Billy and I were walking around the neighborhood looking for friends to play baseball in my backyard. After we had our crew assembled, we went back to my house to play baseball. Our game was going great until we hit the ball into The …show more content…

As I looked around, I saw three decrepit coffins in the backyard, opened, with three bodies in them: one for Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and one for the dog. I thought to myself, “are they dead? Have they been murdered?” I really did not know, but as I walked passed the coffins to get my ball, I saw Mr. Johnson’s chest rise and fall. I was freaked out, so I snached my ball and ran over to the fence and climbed for my life. After I made it to the other side, I told all of the boys about my horrifying experience. They did not believe me at first, but one by one, they looked over the fence to see the living graveyard. Even after March 10th, we were still in astonishment to see the Johnson family sleep in their coffins at night. We eventually came to terms with the weird occurrence, but we did not know why the dog never attacked us on the first day that we went over to the Johnson’s. So one day, we went over to

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