Military Service And Civilian Life

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Not a lot of people know the actual challenges of what military men and women go through with their families. Until now, individuals have this misconception that the military life is as ordinary to any regular civilian life. Many of the common beliefs that people assume about military service members is he or she; serves their country, go out to war occasionally, and handle constant deployments easily without a struggle. While this is the case, civilians fail to recognize that military spouses and children face many obstacles when they are separated from their service member. The most difficult challenge that many families go through is separated from their service member during a deployment. Often times, individuals make the mistake that military men and women only deploy for war. However, military service members have to leave for other military purposes such as training missions and school. “Since 2008, there has been a significant increase in the number of soldiers who have spent two or more years (25+ months) cumulatively deployed.” (RAND) With the large amount of deployments and separation from military service members; it can be an emotional roller coaster for spouses and children. Several studies have shown that military spouses and children who are emotionally affected by their loved one being away experienced depression, anxiety, and loneliness. In addition, when service men and women are not present in their child’s life; children feel lost and do

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