Million Dollar Baby Movie Review Essay

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Million Dollar Baby Throughout this course we have discussed about making good and bad decisions in life. In grade 12 curriculum we have watched a movie called A Million Dollar baby cast by Clint Eastwood as an Frankie Dunn (coach), Hilary Swank as an Maggie Fitzgerald (female boxer) and Morgan Freeman Eddie "Scrap Iron"(gym keeper). In this movie Eastwood has shown in his movie a story about a struggling life of boxers and coach. In this movie an actor and director is playing a role as Frankie Dunn a boxing coach. Frankie has played his part very well in this movie by high training level of boxing and giving them skills that they are applicable for. Making every boxer in his gym a very strong fighter. One his most favourite …show more content…

Frankie took many wrong decisions throughout this movie, but the most exciting moment that really did touched my heart was when he begins to teach Maggie how to fight. He step out of his self steam and he said yes to Maggie request and he began to teach her. I personally think it's a moral decision because in this case Frankie is forgetting about his past and ready to start a new life in boxing again. As Frankie train Maggie well and well as the movie go on, we see that Maggie has become a well known boxer and proved Frankie and relatives that there is life. If you know what you are doing. As she was wining every single boxing match though she almost won her Championship match as well. A tragedy that lead us to a death of Maggie in the movie was when Maggie was celebrating her victory, but Maggie`s defence boxer punch Maggie again and Maggie fall on the stole broke her spinal code Maggie was not able to breathe by herself she was equipped by machine which helped her to breath. Maggie was not able to stand by on her own Maggie future was finished, she wanted to die after she heard from doctors that she cannot do anything , Maggie lost the hope that she wants to live she tried to commit suicide once buy by the help of nurses and doctors she was not successful but she asked Frankie to turn her

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