Million Dollar Baby Essay

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Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood’s latest movie as a director has been getting more and more positive reviews recently and it is even better than Mystic River. At first glance, the film looks like another boxing-movie cliché. However, Eastwood has succeeded in creating a compelling and moving story about the intricate world of human relationships, the price of success and the realization of dreams. The movie explores many different subject matters. Million Dollar Baby is about friendship and respect. It is about love and it is about dreams.

The main theme of the movie is the boxing career of Maggie Fitzgerald (played by Hilary Swank) - a 30-year old waitress who lives alone and barely gets by. However, she
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There is nothing ordinary in Frankie’s world, now inhabited by Eddie and Maggie. Frankie has lost his daughter’s respect and is trying to get it back. Eddie, an ex-boxing champion who has lost his eye in his final match, is now living in the gym. Maggie is maniacally obsessed with becoming a boxing champion. In a way, these diverse and complex characters are made for each other. Frankie and Maggie need one another. She seeks a mentor and trainer and he needs a person to care for in order to overcome the loss of his daughter. Eddie is there to balance the fragile relationship between Maggie and Frankie. These intricate relationships allow Clint Eastwood to treat matters of love, respect, and success insightfully and thoroughly. The main subject of the movie is the relationship between Frankie and Maggie and the tough decisions, which Frankie makes so that Maggie can fulfill her dream. As the audience sees it, it is not always easy to make the right decision. Sometimes they are so obscure and controversial that one really can’t decide what to do and which way is right. And, it becomes even more complicated when one’s decision affects not only him or her, but also a person he or she loves and cares for. In this sense, Million Dollar Baby is really about the sacrifices that people sometimes make in order to achieve success, fulfill their dreams, or care for their loved ones.
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