Mills and Happiness Essay

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Mills states that it "… is not the agent's own greatest happiness, but the greatest amount

of happiness altogether…". This leaves no room for opinion because then the greater

number would not be contemplated. So who does Mills leave to decide to whom may

plan what the greater happiness is? It would be left up to people with lots of knowledge

and wisdom. Mills thinks that the so-called experts would be able to decide the greatest

happiness. But must be " strictly impartial as a disinterested and benevolent spectator ".

At some point his idea makes sense. To live in a strict utilitarian society you would need

someone to decide what the greater good would be for all. I would to some extent …show more content…

To ignore what

your common sense tells you to do or at least to put it aside while making the decision

would be a hard thing to do. I don't think a whole lot of people would be willing to

actually do this. I know for but me it would be very hard to do. I'm not sure I would want

to. But then again to look in on a perfect world and see I would have to agree it could

possibly produce many favorable outcomes.

Question 2

Of the two formulations we discussed of Kant on the Categorical Imperative then I

would go along with the second idea it seems to be the most workable and valuable. This

concept states that humans are the ends in themselves(mere means). Though this point

seems to be very simple and idealistic, it could be sensible. Kant believes that the

preservation of life is the number one duty in sensible individuals. This not only includes

our lives, but also trying to help others in their lives. This is what he meant when

discussing that humans are not means but ends. This goes on that humans aren't used to

be methods to get somewhere or something by other humans. If this point was taken and

used it could prove to be useful. People wouldn't be taken advantage of or manipulated.

Unless it was some kind of mutual agreement.

Human beings as ends include another aspect of life. That no cause if worth taking a

human life to fix it. I would say I do agree with this

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