Milton Friedman 's The Common Man 's Freedom

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Milton Friedman realized the importance of the common man’s freedom. He believed that the government had more power over the people and maintained all control over them. He knew that in ordered for the political and economic freedom to work was to have a mutual agreement between these parties. They had to come to an agreement, which would allow for mutual benefits. The Hollywood Blacklist was an example given by Friedman to show the unfair treatment the government enforced. Actors, musicians, directors, screenwriters and others who were part of the entertainment business, were all denied jobs because they were accused to being part of the communist party. By allowing individuals to freely chose other markets, suppliers or even make the good themselves, individuals would ultimately be part of a free market. This social justice impelled states to have political freedom because individuals were no longer scrutinized for their beliefs in order to find jobs. John Stuart Mill was a well-known utilitarian during his time. Mill eyed the community with suspicion similarly to Bentham, who thought of a community as being fictitious. Mill argues that a state should not restrict the freedom of speech for two reasons. One reason was because people’s opinions are can either true of false, but this depends on how much a question is debatable and left open for further questioning. If people’s judgments were always found fallible then how can we ever take any action? One example was the

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