Milton New Hampshire: A Short Story

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July 4th has always been a big deal for my family and friends, we always get together in Milton New Hampshire for the weekend. Last year was no different, I found myself sitting in the front of the boat with sun kissed skin from the action-packed day of playing in the water. Sitting there now watching the light pink sky over the horizon slowly turn dark, as the storm is starts to roll in. I could feel the light mist coming off the lake as the boat gracefully glides over the water. Mark, my best friends husband and the driver of the boat, slowly cuts the engine causing us to come to a stop.
Mark then says to me, “Michelle, under the seat where you are sitting is the anchor, can you hand it to me, please?”
I hand him the anchor and he tosses it into the lake causing a splash of water to explode up and splash the side of the boat. With the boat off the music on, it was peaceful sitting back with Mark and Karen enjoying each other’s company while the kids were up on shore. Engaged in conversations and laughter time seemed to have gotten away from us, looking around I can now see more and more boats as they show up. The darkness from the night sky had now consumed the lake, the soft glow of lights from the boats settling in around us was our only lighting. When the first firework rumbled out louder than thunder lighting the sky with red,
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A large party boat full of people pull up beside us and throw anchor. Hooting and hollering, red solo cups in hand there is no doubt they had been drinking for several hours. Under the bright lights from the upper deck of the party boat we could see a lady sitting on the bench, with her bleach blonde hair bright red lipstick and a shirt that was much too small of a fit for her. She reaches in her oversized bag pulling something out the next thing we know there was a flicker of a lighter as she screamed
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