Mind Control Methods in 1984 Essay

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Mind Control Methods of 1984 and Today.

Everyone wants more money. That's why people go to college to make more money. That's why people rob banks to get more money. That's why people do unethical business moves, to receive more money. We are living in a money-hungry society. People want more money because they know that money is power. This power allows us to change, shape and mold society into exactly what we want. This forming and shaping can make a society more productive which means more profitable. Yet, it is impossible to sit back and hope that a society will conform to what will make you rich. Every society, whether real or fiction, uses mind control methods, to get what they want.

In the book 1984, mind control is
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At Winston's job in the ministry of truth, he re-writes history to show that "Big Brother" is always correct. Winston has constant reminders that "Big Brother", the leader of the Inner Party, is always watching and regulating his daily events.

The Inner party makes such rules, so that the lower parties become weaker and weaker and less chance of rebellion. The spirits and pocket of the people are empty. This is good for the Inner Party because it keeps them in power, which is in turn richer.

Yet, Winston rebels against Big Brother and wont let the government control him in such a way. Winston is viewed as the last humanist. He is interested with the basic God given rights of humans. Whether it is, keeping a secret diary to preserve "the truth," having forbidden sexual affairs or denouncing the party by refusing to adhere to their false facts, Winston stands up for his beliefs until he can take no more.

In today's society, we are plagued by mind control methods as well. These are more subtle than those in 1984 but still have the same premise. The mind control methods used are aimed to achieve the same goal as in 1984, that goal being power. Since we live in such a narcissistic and materialistic society, power entails having money. The more money you have, the more powerful one can be. By using
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