Essay about Mind Over Matter: Telekinesis

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As the intellect of the human race continues to increase, different ideas are brought about while others become disregarded due to lack of belief or interest in the subject. The latter applies in the case of psychic phenomenon. What was at one point in time a large fad that many people took part and faith in has slowly been forgotten and set aside. The most well-known area of psychic phenomenon is telekinesis, or the ability to affect objects, random events, and environments using only one’s mind with no physical interaction ( Radford, Benjamin). While it is currently widely believed to be an impossible feat, there have still been many tests and theories set to it attempting to prove it’s potential with promising outcomes. In an ever …show more content…

However, none of these assumptions are correct because all forms of deception by both the test conductor and the test subject had been accounted for. To ensure authentic test results, the testing areas were rigged with barriers, distance would be put between the two people, and the drawing of the cards would be delayed until after the guesses had been made. In the thirty-three original studies, twenty-seven gave significant results in favor of the subject having psychic ability. Within the next five years, these studies were independently replicated and twenty had positive results. That is a positive outcome of sixty-one percent, which is fifty-six percent higher than what the outcome would have been if it had been nothing more than chance (The Parapsychological Association). So while it can be said that the order of the cards was not affected by the test subject, it is obvious that there was some form of psychological interaction allowing the individuals to achieve minute precognition. It is this documentation that led to larger theories and research in the specific area of telekinesis. J.B. Rhine is not the only person to have made ground-breaking discoveries towards the discovery of psychological influences.The Princeton

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