Mind and Children

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lease answer at least 5 of the following questions in paragraph form after you have closely read The Veldt at least 2 or 3 times. Questions for The Veldt FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Describe and evaluate the relationships between the parents (George and Lydia) and the children (Wendy and Peter) in the Hadley family. (comprehension and evaluation) 1. How does Bradbury show us what their relationship is like? • What does the interchange between George and the children reveal? • Lydia quotes an old saying, “Children are carpets, they should be stepped on occasionally.” Identify the figure of speech used in this saying and explain what the saying means. Why does Lydia quote it at this point in the story? 2. Compare and …show more content…

(synthesis/analysis) FOCUS ON THEME 1. Peter says, “I wish you were dead!” George responds by saying, “We were, for a long while. Now we’re going to really start living. Instead of being handled and massaged, we’re going to live.” • Define what it means for George to “really live.” • How does his definition of

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