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Solutions Guide: Please do not present as your own. I sometimes post solutions that are totally mine, from the book’s solutions manual, or a mix of my work and the books solutions manual. But this is only meant as a solutions guide for you to answer the problem on your own. I recommend doing this with any content you buy online whether from me or from someone else. CASE 13–30 Make or Buy; Utilization of a Constrained Resource [LO1, LO3, LO5] Garrison, Noreen & Brewer. 13th edition Managerial Accounting. Entire case.TufStuff, Inc., sells a wide range of drums, bins, boxes, and other containers that are used in the chemical industry. One of the company’s…show more content…
As an alternative to adding another welding machine, management has considered buying additional drums from an outside supplier. Harcor Industries, Inc., a supplier of quality products, would be able to provide up to 4,000 WVD-type drums per year at a price of $138 per drum, which TufStuff would resell to its customers at its normal selling price after appropriate relabeling. Megan Flores, TufStuff’s production manager, has suggested 1. The product margins computed by the accounting department for the drums and bike frames should not be used in the decision of which product to make. The product margins are lower than they should be due to the presence of allocated fixed common costs that are irrelevant in this decision. Moreover, even after the irrelevant costs have been removed, what matters is the profitability of the two products in relation to the amount of the constrained resource—welding time—that they use. A product with a very low margin may be desirable if it

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