Minimization Of Torque Ripples Using Pwm Technique For Minimizing The Torque Ripple

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Minimization of Torque Ripples Using PWM Technique for 2Leg &3-Leg BLDC Motor V.Ramesh , Ph.D ScholarDept.EEE, K L UniversityGuntur, Andhra Pradesh India M. Krishna Kanth, M.Tech StudentDept.EEE, K L UniversityGuntur, Andhra Pradesh India Email: K. Kareemulla Khan M.Tech StudentDept.EEE,Amritha Vishwavidya Peetham University ,Combibatore ,India Abstract— This paper proposes a pulse-width modulation (PWM) Technique for minimizing the torque ripple in BLDC motor. To reduce the torque ripple, the commutation interval time should be firstly known. The conventional methods of torque ripple reduction require parameters and commutation interval…show more content…
A zero-voltage- and zero-current-switching full-bridge (FB) converter with secondary resonance is another method in this primary side of the converter have FB insulated-gate bipolar transistors, which are driven by phase-shift control and secondary side is composed of a resonant tank and a half-wave rectifier [6]. Without an auxiliary circuit, zero-voltage switching and zero-current switching are achieved in the entire operating range. In this without using additional inductor, the leakage inductance of the transformer is utilized as the resonant inductor. It has many advantages, including high efficiency, minimum and number of devices this topology is attractive for high-voltage and high-power applications. For closed loop speed control operation, in current control loop, three phase stator current information is required. The current sensors and the associated accessories increase the complexity of the system, cost and size of the motor drives and decrease the reliability of the system and also more number of power electronics switches means more switching losses and costly. Therefore to overcome this problem a new drive system is proposed which uses four switches and two current sensor, less switches and less current sensors means less switching losses and low cost. In this paper, the PWM technique is therefore proposed to minimize the torque ripple and designed to overcome the disadvantages from other torque ripple
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